With winter fast approaching and the fading summer days upon us I thought it best to address a few points in relation to you, our members and the journey you have taken up at The Athlete Centre. I am immensely proud to be associated with each and every one of you and have enjoyed spending time coaching you all in classes and on a personal basis. Nothing beats walking through the gym doors each day knowing anyone who is within these walls is giving their best. Now it is time to get to the heart of this article.

Winter is tough, for a reason, it is nature’s way of regeneration and as such many things wither and die. This view has been at the heart of my training from my competitive sporting years because it was always an opportunity to improve on weakness. Winter is a grind that should be looked upon with energy as it is the easiest period of the year to back off training because it is cold or too dark to get down and train. Take a few minutes to be brutally honest with yourself about what you feel needs work not just in your training life but other areas of your life and put together a plan.(Debbie Price has supplied a blueprint in this newsletter)

The cold hard truth is that none of us have any excuses if we are not improving. If we are looking at our life here within The Athlete Centre community as a process of mental and physical betterment the results you seek will take care of themselves. There is no magic potion you get on signup or month end renewal…this is a process of hard work. We have a great gym and a fantastic group of coaches and support staff for you to make use of.

So if your weightlifting needs work come and do a class. If your conditioning or mobility needs work attend a CrossFit or mobility class. Personally I have no time for excuses…it either gets done or it does not get done. Accountability team… to yourself. Sounds simple when I say it but we are all guilty at some point or another of not making use of what is around us. We as coaches of The Athlete Centre are here to assist you, so come and grab a cup of coffee with us and we will do our best to aid you in your endeavour. The invitation is there and now it is up to you to address what you feel need’s work.

We have a responsibility to the journey and the process; you made that leap the moment you took your step through our door. Take it up a level and attack your weaknesses, whatever they may be and truly embrace the process.

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