The Incredible Women of TAC

If you happened upon The Athlete Centre during our quiet time you would be excused for thinking it is a male dominated gym, with maybe a handful of hardcore female members …….. Now whilst you might be excused, temporarily, you would in fact be very, very wrong.


Since opening in 2013 our membership has remained a roughly speaking 50/50 female to male ratio and I believe this is one of best and most positive aspects of our facility, and  the TAC brand as a whole.


This past weekend we celebrated our 5th anniversary and held our annual TACs Fittest Athlete competition, which invites members from all TAC facilities to come and compete for the chance to win a 12 month membership.  In previous years this event has been dominated by the guys; however this year a new star was born. Charlotte Thomas took on the guys and won. She outburpeed, out box jumped and out lifted the competition and in a sprint to the finish she took down last years champ in one of the most exciting finals we have seen. So for those of you who don’t know, Charlotte has been involved in our comp teams at TAC for a few years now, a team that is evenly represented by men and women. These women are strong, and not strong by so called female standards, THEY ARE STRONG FULL STOP. Many can outlift most male members and we are proud to say we have played a part in this. In this sport of fitness men and women can compete side by side or directly against each other due to the nature of the workouts, it is no longer as simple as men v men and women v women.


This strength is everywhere at TAC, not just in the comp teams, women in our Strength and CrossFit classes put up some huge numbers and it’s not uncommon to see them lifting the same if not more than many of the guys, something which is supported, respected and encouraged by everyone here. I love seeing guys impressed by a female member of their class lifting their max weight for reps and applauding their efforts. But even more important that the numbers they are lifting is how empowered these women are in taking control of their physical health in a manner which not only improves their immediate wellbeing but also their long term sustainable health. As many of us are aware women are far more susceptible to osteoporosis post menopause and through weight bearing exercise we can help to increase bone density and reduce these effects (this is something we will expand on in a future blog). Through these training methodologies and through an attitude of rewarding what you can do with your body as apposed to how you look is helping to give increased body confidence to women of all shapes and sizes.

This increased awareness of women in sport extends far beyond the walls of TAC, if we take CrossFit for example, it is one of the few sports around where the female athletes are as popular as the men, if not more so in many cases. I for one find myself more impressed with what these amazing women are capable of and the fact that the competition between them is more fierce than their male counterparts, it also makes it a better spectacle. Tennis is another example, with strong powerful women like Serena Williams showing young women everywhere what is achievable both on and off the court with a bit of hard work and the right mindset.


At The Athlete Centre we have a TAC PROVEN club in which individuals are rewarded for outstanding efforts, hard work or simply going above and beyond with their training and their attitude. This is a club with only 7 members and it is no accident that 6 of these members are Women.


My advice to any of the guys and gals at TAC looking for a role model, look around you……they are everywhere.

James Shields


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