For months we deliberated over the core beliefs of what The Athlete Centre will do, how it will be delivered and what sort of people will come.

The vision was simple, create the best gym in the world….

How would we do it? By creating a training environment suitable for an elite athlete, but make it accessible to the general public. We knew the journey would be tricky, people wouldn’t understand the concept or even believe what we were trying to do was possible, however when I look at the facility today I realise that the vision has manifested itself into something special.

I found myself walking the gym floor when I stopped to take stock of what’s going on around me, we’ve got people of all ages and sizes working hard, training properly and through the guidance of the amazing coaching staff, sticking to periodised programming suitable for athletes of any level. It’s the first time I really took the time to look around and realise how many people have seen our vision, have believed the hype we have surrounded ourselves with, and have bought into the concept of The Athlete Centre.

When I reflect on the year as a whole I look firstly at the members. Having worked in large commercial gyms where people complain as much as they train I find it hard to believe that our members give up their spare time, at the weekend, to come to the gym and help out with competition judging, BBQ’s, our 1 year anniversary party and much more, many even gave up weekends to help us paint the gym when we first set up. I’m sure it’s been said that, a gym is built on its members, …….how true, that’s what makes this place special, that’s what people come back for, the camaraderie, the feeling of being part of something bigger.

At our one year anniversary party a few of you came up to me to congratulate us on a job well done, and the resounding message was, the gym is awesome, yeah the kits great, but mainly it’s awesome because of the people we have working for us and the members we have. Someone only last week told me that they left a local large commercial gym (won’t name names) because ALL the members complained and the environment stunk, and that they love it here because ALL of our members are amazing…….True Dat. The environment created in a facility can make or break the mood and the experience, you can have the worst kit but if the vibe is positive, then so will the members.

Every day someone comes to me and says they have hit a new personal best, or that they have lost more weight, and that’s what this place is all about, real people achieving real results, and whether it’s a 2lb weight loss or a 10kg PB they are all equally as valuable. Every time someone hits a PB in the gym they ring the bell, people cheer and for a few seconds their work is done, however, as quickly as they ring the bell they set the next target, raise the bar little more and get back to work.

So what makes The Athlete Centre…..The people, the staff and most importantly YOU!!!

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