As a Team and Community, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to introduce ourselves to the wider TAC Family and give you some insight into who we are and what we do.

Firstly, my name is Daniel Carter, I'm the lead Coach here at TACW and cover the majority of the Coaching and programming for our classes. We also have Joe Crocker who will be our Operations Manager. Nathan Haggis joins us as an S&C coach and will help oversee the classes in addition to bringing his fantastic Personal Training client base TACW. Meghan Gee from Strength Chef will bring her passionate knowledge of food and food prep along with assisting our community overseeing classes. Sam Costley is a Sports Therapist and will set up and take over our therapy room along with covering classes and jumping in on the occasional WOD. Finally we have Lauren Chandler who is a Personal Trainer who joined us just this week and is settling in nicely.

Now that you know a little about the Team its time to tell you a little more about TACW.

Formerly know as BZN Box we are located in Carterton, only a few miles from the busy town of Witney. Like all boxes, we have an incredibly diverse and eclectic mix of individuals all coming together to form an amazing community. Whether it is serving Military personnel, nurses, physios, mums and dads, piano movers, estate agents, traveling salesmen or our resident gangster granny (seriously, shes gangster), you're never far from a warm welcome and a friend you just hadn't met yet.

As well as our daily open gym hours, we currently run two programs at TACW. TAC FIT and TAC METCON.
Our TAC FIT program focuses on General Physical Preparedness with no day the same due to our programming template that prioritises varience over anything else. You might walk in one day where the stimulus calls for Mental Toughness , the next day Olympic Lifting, a partner throwdown or specific days set aside for skills and gymnastic development. Our other, very popular program is TAC METCON. This is a 60 min session that includes lots of conditioning, lighter weights, core work, and an emphasis on volume over load. Its perfect for all levels and a great beginner/Trial class giving a great introduction to what we do a TACW.

So, thats us in a nutshell. We very much looking forward to meeting the rest of the much wider TAC community. We'd love to have you come visit anytime!

Happy Training

Dan and The TACW Team

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