CrossFit is a general strength and conditioning programme, which aims to improve athlete’s fitness across all bases. To be truly ‘Fit’ you need to be strong, powerful, have good cardiovascular endurance and possess skills like gymnastics and swimming. We will help members enrolled in our CrossFit programme to improve their weaknesses and generally plug the gaps in their fitness.


All of our Trainers have completed the strict Athlete Centre assessment which tests Personal Trainers ability to teach movements correctly and identify areas of weakness and areas that may require more mobility and stabilisation work. Anyone can train someone for an hour and make them sweat, but good quality trainers will have a long term plan, keep their clients injury free, and ultimately care about their clients goals.


Through our fundamentals programme we are able to take members with very limited weight training experience and build a strong foundation for them to build on. Correct movement patterns and compound strength movements are the core basis of these sessions. The result is a more robust athlete that can safely progress to both our CrossFit and TAC Strong programmes.


Members can access the TAC Strong class which aims to improve strength across the major lifts as well as developing an all-round strength level. Through careful periodised programming, we are able to test individual’s strength, improve those levels of strength over a period and then re-test to show individuals their improvement and measure by how much they have increased their strength levels.


Mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. One of the single elements that holds athletes back and ultimately results in injury is an individual’s lack of mobility. Our programme will help athletes to not only improve their lifts through correct positioning, but more importantly will help to keep them injury free.


Whilst we can prep, mobilise, warm up and train within our abilities, injuries and niggles can still develop and it’s important to tackle these head on and early. Allowing a niggle to fester can easily result in long term injury, so we encourage all of our members to inform us if they experience pain or discomfort outside the norm. Our team of Rehab specialists are on hand to help with small niggles, to full rehab programmes from serious sporting injury and operations.


Correct nutrition is one of the most crucial parts of anyone’s lifestyle. No matter what your goal, the lack of a correct and clean eating plan will result in a hugely reduced amount of improvement. At The Athlete Centre we place a big emphasis on nutrition and as such employ only the best nutritionists as part of our team to help you every step of the way.