I am sure that by now you are all back into full swing with training and are ready for yet another year of hard training at The Athlete Centre. On Monday January 12 we will be commencing a two week period of testing ahead of the new program launch on January 26th.

The two weeks of testing will be detailed below as well as the process of how we wish to run everything. Testing days will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday both morning and evening. The days in between will consist of mobility and light recovery/conditioning workouts. Furthermore, due to the nature of the programming this year we will be merging the Strength and CrossFit morning classes for the initial parts of the session after which point the group will split to continue with strength specific /CrossFit specific work.

Timetable 12th January- 16th January:

  • Monday – Squat
  • Wednesday – Push Press
  • Friday – Deadlift


  • Monday – Squat
  • Wednesday – Bench
  • Friday – Deadlift

Testing groups will be arranged according to current training age and class training level. For example an individual doing the bulk of their training on the intermediate programming will be testing a 2RM-i.e. the most amount of weight that can be moved for two repetitions. Members who have never done a max test will be advised to be aiming to obtain a 3-5 RM for this testing phase. Based off the numbers everyone achieves we will then be able to program more effectively to you as an individual.

It would also be advised that you come to each testing session with a weight you are aiming to achieve on the day so we can advise you how to effectively structure your warmup leading to the attempt.

The weights achieved in the coming weeks will allow you to have a clear idea of what weight you will need to use on session when we start our new program on January 26th, 2015.


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