The new look programming at TACD

SO what’s it all about? In a nutshell we have taken a long hard look at both the class structure and the programming we are delivering and whilst we believe it’s a great offering, we also think that with a few tweaks we can make it even better. We have also taken into consideration the comments made in our recent member survey.

Let’s start with the obvious TACD and Olympic Lifting programmes, two training modalities that can exist side by side like fish and chips. To kick things off we have combined these programmes to some extent, using a new Olympic lifting structure to the benefit of our entire TACD community. Tuesdays and Thursdays will therefore become Olympic Lifting days, with a class that primarily focusses on mastering these skills. The Class will consist of a Olmpic Lifting programme followed by a WOD. On the new timetable this will fall under the TACD classes. We have combined the coaching experience and know how of 3 of TACs most experienced coaches, TACDs own Zak Mundy combined with TACOs Kamil Wojciewoski and Theo Dalton. We believe this combination will produce the best programming possible for you all.

The programme for the week will look like this;

Monday; Gymnastics technique (4 week focus each movement)

Tuesday; Olympic Lifting – Snatch

Wednesday; Team WODs and accessory work

Thursday; Olympic Lifting – Clean and Jerk

Friday; Single Leg Strength work

*There will be a WOD every day don’t worry

So where are the squats and Deadlifts I hear you ask…… Through our new Olympic Lifting programming most members will get enough exposure to pulling and squatting movements, however if individuals need to work a bit more on these elements then they can do so in the accessory section on Wednesday.

This Programming and weekly structure will be reflected at TAC Oxford so those members who train cross-site can continue to perform the same programming day in day out.

We hope that these changes will improve your experience at TAC and rest assured that if we feel the changes do not achieve the desired effect then we will have no hesitation in restoring the current system, your experience at TAC is our primary concern so enjoy the changes and the results that come with them.


Team TAC

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