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TACs incredible women

If you happened upon The Athlete Centre during our quiet time you would be excused for thinking it is a male dominated gym, with maybe a handful of hardcore female members …….. Now whilst you might be excused, temporarily, you would in fact be very, very wrong. Since opening in 2013 our membership has remained a roughly speaking 50/50 female to male ratio and I believe this is one of best and most positive aspects of our facility, and  the TAC brand as a whole.

Sustainable Training

Building sustainable training into members’ mindsetAll too often we see new fad diets, new fad training methodologies and false promises of abs in 10minutes.  Non-evidence based diets and programmes are everywhere in today’s media and it’s not only confusing but can prove dangerous if you don’t research the evidence and make sure that the claimed benefits can apply to you.

Where everyone can Train Like A Pro

This my first official article for The Athlete Centre having started back in my role in April.When James asked me to write an article there was one topic that stood out for us both.My love, opinion and belief in the core philosophy for this gym.“Where everyone can train like a pro” ……….

Team TAC

I have read a couple of interesting articles this week which talk openly about the highs and lows of CrossFit, the positives and negatives and the most interesting was about how the top level CrossFitters will train in the future...


Choosing a gym is an easy decision, No? On the face of it yes, you choose somewhere that is close to work, or close to home, somewhere your friends go or maybe even just the

Leg Mobility with Bryony

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueK6t8KsZDA Everything you need to know about lower body mobility and massage pre and post exercise. Bryony is TACs head Massage Therapist and works hand in hand with the Clinical team and Coaching


No doubt over recent weeks you may have seen the number of young gym goers we have been working with at The Athlete Centre, some in our Athletes Academy others National Level competitors and some looking to improve general well roundedness. I wanted to share with you what it is we are doing and why.

Preperation and Recovery

I have read a couple of interesting articles this week which talk openly about the highs and lows of CrossFit, the positives and negatives and the most interesting was about how the top level CrossFitters will train in the future...

The Hunger

So 2015 has arrived….I hope all of you have had a Blessed Christmas period and have enjoyed having family and friends around you sharing this special time of year together. New Year’s resolutions are abounding all over social media along with recaps of the highs and lows of 2014.

Strength testing week

I am sure that by now you are all back into full swing with training and are ready for yet another year of hard training at The Athlete Centre. On Monday January 12 we will be commencing a two week period of testing ahead of the new program launch on January 26th.

Embracing the Process

With winter fast approaching and the fading summer days upon us I thought it best to address a few points in relation to you, our members and the journey you have taken up at The Athlete Centre. I am immensely proud to be associated with each and every one of you and have enjoyed spending time coaching you all in classes and on a personal basis.

CrossFit – A sport for all sports

The sport of CrossFit has rapidly became one of the fastest growing sports on the planet with the fitness industry taken by storm and the champions of today now well known athletes. The top Games competitors are not only well known amongst the CrossFit community but around the world and are widely considered amongst the world’s best athletes.

How Pilates can improve your lifting

Pilates for Lifting. It sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it?! I have worked with power-lifters and sporting populations, often lifting well in excess of their own body weight and I have never stopped believing that some of the core principles of Pilates can massively benefit them. In fact, I grow more passionate about it.

The Importance of Competition

Competition can come in many forms, and whilst not everyone who comes through our doors is looking to compete at the highest level, I believe it’s important to find some level of competition for everyone, be it immediate or something to aspire towards.

OxBridge Throwdown Competition Report

The Oxbridge Throwdown sees teams from Oxford and Cambridge square off in a winner takes all fitness throwdown. This year it took place on Saturday 5th April, the day before the Boat race, and in attendance were teams from CrossFit Cambridgeshire and CrossFit Oxford Originals descend on Oxonia CrossFit in a bid to steal the title back to their respective Box’s.

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