TAC Online – the next step for The Athlete Centre

The tech revolution is in full swing and with more and more companies offering online programming it has become a bit of a minefield of who is reputable, who knows their onions and what should we be paying for this service.

First things first, what is online programming and who is for?

If you are a member of a gym that doesn’t have any programming structure offered as part of the membership package then you may look for some programming, a guide of what you should be doing during your sessions. You see it far too often that people walk in aimlessly moving from machine to machine without any structure or purpose. Having worked in a commercial gym for 5 years I regularly saw people coming in session after session and doing exactly the same thing….How boring. Not only are you hugely limiting your progress but you are also far less likely to stick to anything if it’s dull and repetitive. In our space we see people looking for the magic pill, signing up for programming which is usually way too advanced for them, and again this will be of no help in the long run.

So why now?

Some might say we are behind the curve, missed the boat if you like, but I actually believe that by sitting back slightly we can identify some gaps in the market, highlight some areas that can be improved and most importantly offer something that is good value for money.

The Programmes

TAC online will offer 4 programmes as well as a daily challenge and health pack. These will cover a range of ages and abilities whilst also offering something for those who don’t want a gym membership and maybe value their garage too much to fill it with bars and weights.

Active (3 days a week, roughly 30 mins long)

Our most simple programme, for many of our members this would be perfect for you parents or friends and family who don’t regularly attend the gym, like being active at home or simply need a starting point that feels a bit more accessible. This level of programming is for those that currently view walking the dog or gardening as exercise. Lets aim to improve the way you move, develop some strength in key areas and ultimately keep you healthy and moving for longer.

Challenger (3 days a week, 45 mins long)

Aimed at people who like fitness or at least the idea of it but find that their brain is slightly further ahead on the fitness journey than their body. If you feel like it’s time to make a change, step things up or maybe you have highlighted a challenge or target and need somewhere to start. The challenger programme has an at home option with minimal kit requirement or an at the gym option where you have everything you need to get started.

Beast (4 days a week, 45 mins to 60 mins long)

A primarily strength based programme with some functional bodybuilding elements. This programme is aimed at someone that already attends a gym, has a basic or above knowledge of movements and technique and wants to improve their overall performance and appearance…..the look good naked programme if you like.

Hero (5 days a week, 60 mins long)

The king of functional fitness, this programme will test you daily covering a range of skills from basic gymnastics to powerlifting. This is NOT a competitors programme, but more of an intermediate level. If you’re thinking of using this programming we recommend you have a reasonable understanding of CrossFit, a good base level fitness and have a good range of mobility.

The Daily Challenge

This daily fitness challenge is designed to bolt on to either your current training regime or to one of our 4 offerings. Workouts last no longer than 30mins, are challenging and can be used to test your friends and family, compare your results with them or against the wider community. One of our resident programmers will also test these workouts on occasion so you can see how you stack up against them.

The Health pack

This section will be reserved for a range of health tips or sessions that will help you. Be it a mobility workout for the day or some nutritional tips to keep you on track it’s all part of the structure to get you fit and healthy.

What platform will the programming be on?

We use Wodify at our facility in Oxford so it seemed logical to use the same structure, members and former members are familiar with it, it’s simple and it means that those wishing to compare scores with their friends can do so with ease using the leaderboard functions. We wanted our programming to cater for a range of people, get your parents signed up and see how they are getting on, challenge your friends or just do the programming at your own pace.

Ok so what’s the cost?

The aim was to create a structure that we could make accessible to the masses, a price that won’t break the bank each month and a price that makes it easy to give it a go with minimal risk. The cost for all of this is £15/month, that’s it, no hidden costs, no add ons, you can access all of the programmes for that one cost.

How so cheap?

Our sessions are not individually tailored to you, they are general programmes aimed at covering a wide range of the population with enough scaling to keep it safe for everyone. If you want individually tailored programming then this can be arranged for you.

Is TAC online for you?? Give it a go and find out, you can cancel at any time.


If you choose to go ahead with our programming great, if not consider another form of programming, going to the gym with no plan is the worst plan of all, create some structure and your body will thank you for it and the results will come. SIGN UP NOW

Please train responsibly

James Shields

Founder of TAC

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