So 2015 has arrived….I hope all of you have had a Blessed Christmas period and have enjoyed having family and friends around you sharing this special time of year together.  New Year’s resolutions are abounding all over social media along with recaps of the highs and lows of 2014.

Here is my question to you, and one I have asked myself the last 8 days, ‘How hungry are you?’ I for one could definitely get stuck into Christmas Dinner and Boxing Day leftovers, but I am asking you in a mental and spiritual sense, ‘How hungry are you?’

Eight days ago I stepped out of a ski lift onto a mountain in The Pyrenees, Spain. Honestly, I was out of my comfort zone. The coach was now the student. I had a high level instructor doing what I do on a daily basis, picking at faults, putting my legs in position, head etc. Very uncomfortable, but extremely enlightening. Here I was feeling like I did when I was 14 years old getting into a rowing boat for the first time….again unsettling and out of my comfort zone.

So I spent my first day falling over, cursing at myself and being my old pushy, competitive self I would just end up finding a way to move on ice. All well and good but it was not flowing…the exact flow I teach you (our members) to feel when learning a new skill. I love technical perfection, there is nothing sweeter than hitting the spot or watching it happen.  In the evening I sat with a cup of coffee-yes because I am from South Africa and not genetically evolved for -9 degree weather-and thought about the six months I have spent at The Athlete Centre logging hours of coaching, research and P.T.

Hunger drives us forward. It needs to be present. If we are not resetting the hunger scale each month or year we are simply relying on what we did before to get us by. So the following day I was back up on the mountain, being the student, but I was not apprehensive or uncomfortable I just opened my ears and mind to it all….and fell pretty hard again, well 4 times in total, one was a ski lift that decided to hook onto my ski boot…No worries, spat the snow out and carried on just letting it happen. I was hungry for this skill to be acquired.

The third day comes, back up on the mountain, and I am brewing with confidence having taken in all of yesterday’s coaching and organised it into packs of coaching cues for myself. It happens..I get a ‘Well done’ from the instructor, I am brimming with pride gliding down the mountain getting one compliment after another and then I swerve to avoid making road kill out of a 5 year old ,who is skiing better than me, and come to a halt in a pile of skis and snow. I was in tears with laughter. The rest of the day went pretty well after that, no more road kill or falling.

Hunger channeled in the right way will keep guiding you to new heights. I am happy to say that by my last day of skiing I was starting at the very top of the slopes, all by just staying hungry and chipping away. The role reversal could not have been a better way for me to come into 2015, ready to do my part in shaping T.A.C. to be a place that feeds the hunger you have to bring through the door every day. Do not make the mistake of only applying what I am saying just to your health and wellness but it must encompass your life.

There is no New Year’s Resolution…there is simply the scale of hunger set to a new level, raised higher than last year, because without hunger we are directionless and drifting by. Have clarity on why you come to class, why you strive for PB’s because this will intensify your practice. We do not workout, we practice. My door is always open if you need a thunderbolt to get you back on track.

Flick the switch on 2015 team and live your hashtag #TrainLikeAPro.

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