This my first official article for The Athlete Centre having started back in my role in April.

When James asked me to write an article there was one topic that stood out for us both.

My love, opinion and belief in the core philosophy for this gym.

“Where everyone can train like a pro” ……….

But what does this mean to me?

As some of you reading this will know, I recently finished a career in as a Strength and Conditioning coach in professional Rugby and prior to that I have worked in professional Soccer and spent time with the English Institute or Sport (EIS) providing services to GB Rowing and a number of other sports.

With these experiences I was privileged to work with top level physical performance coaches developing top level athletes and I learned how assess the needs of athletes in relation to individual requirements and those of their chosen sport, for the enhancement of physical capacities to facilitate high level sports performance.

It is here where I feel this philosophy applies to you, every member and athlete at TAC, and in truth every client outside of professional sport I have ever worked with in the 15 plus years of my career as a Personal Trainer and Sports Performance coach. I have always aimed to assess every client like an athlete.

Just like any trainer we establish training history, injury history, lifestyle and sport leisure activities etc…  and we look at these in comparison to your goals.

But it is here that I start to look at you like an athlete to your own life.

Your life is the thing you need to perform at an elite level for, your “professional sport” if you will.

If you are a parent who works full-time and plays golf once or every other week (or whatever leisure activity you like).

You want to train to be robust enough to have energy for playing, lifting, running with the kids, play your leisure based sport in your free time and offset the damage siting at your desk 8 plus hours 5 days a week does to your posture, and you want do all this whilst minimising new and reoccurring injuries, staying healthy and enjoying your life.

Well this in its essence is no different than what we do with a professional athlete!

Assess performance needs (the sport), look at injury history and lifestyle components that could be an issue to sports performance and the training modalities we will hopefully use to enhance physical performance.

Now I know this is a very general and board explanation about what and how this philosophy of “Where everyone can train like a pro” is applied by me and all the coaches at TAC, and in future articles I will expand on this topic specifically addressing training principles, modalities and how they apply to this topic.

But take this thought away, specificity is king in sports performance training and everything you do in the gym should facilitate in some way the enhancement of your sport performance.

So, start looking at what you want to perform well at in your life, treat it as your sport and facilitate its enhancement with what you do in your physical development training.


–          What does this mean to me?

–          My background, why it forms my philosophy?

–          Sport performance assessment, how this applies to you?

–          Sport assessment applied to everyday life

Luke Kelly

Head of Training

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