Choosing a gym is an easy decision, No?

On the face of it yes, you choose somewhere that is close to work, or close to home, somewhere your friends go or maybe even just the cheapest gym in town. Whatever your algorithm the process is simple, unless, well unless you have a few more points on your check list. A few years ago I wrote an article about what to look for when choosing a gym in Oxford ( ) and it did well, the Oxford Mail featured it and it seemed to resonate with a lot of people.

SO why The Athlete Centre? Lets keep this simple, if you’re looking for a gym that covers the following points then TAC is for you…..if not…..then good luck out there and keep training hard.

  1. Community – Surrounding yourself with like minded supportive people is the key to success. Why put yourself in an environment where the people around you don’t support your goals, cheer your success and share in your experiences. At TAC we pride ourselves on creating this environment for our members and would recommend those who oppose it to seek their fitness elsewhere.
  2. Coaches – Your improvements can only move as quickly as the ability of the coaching staff around you allows. At TAC we only employ the best coaches and insist they complete our vigorous Coaching assessment.
  3. Fun – Training has to be fun, if it sucks then so will your results. At TAC we take care of this too, training is diverse, we don’t repeat sessions week after week in the hope that you’ll see some basic level of adaptation, we mix it, turn the music up and make training fun.

Don’t just take my word for it though, click the link below and see how at TAC, everyone can Train Like A Pro


James Shields