Movement Screening

Corrective movement has played a huge role in the fitness arena for the past couple of years. Athletes of all levels are investing in proper movement screenings to help assess their muscular imbalances and weaknesses, identify how they can adress the issues and most importanly develop a programme that allows them to make improvements every time they train.

SO how do we do this. Sign up and you'll receive a 2hr movement assessment with our in house movement coach, he will identify areas for you to work on and send you a warm up programme that's tailored to you.  Choose from one of the programmes below and get in touch to book it in.

Movement 101

2 hr screening
6 week movement programme

PRICE - £100

Complete Movement

2 hr initial screening
6 week movement programme
Follow up screening at 6 weeks
Further 6 week programme

PRICE - £160


2 hr movement screening
6 week programme
6 week training programme

PRICE - £200


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